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Lonlieness and isolation are the problem. Even in a crowd, the person suffering from dysfunction can be desperately alone. Everyone we encounter is a mirror pointing back at ourselves. Many people we encounter are much like carnival mirrors, and give us back a distorted image, despite the best of intentions. Others mirror back, albeit accurately, only that part of us which they most strongly identify with. We have found that an accurate reflection of the whole requires a group of accurate, but diverse mirrors, each giving a different but accurate view of the whole.. If I associate only with people suffering or recovering from my particular dysfunction, I find that I'm only getting reflection on that one area of my entire self. I may need that sort of immersion for a time, in the case of one overshadowing issue, but, to limit myself to that exposure with out end, is much akin to escaping from a sinking ship in a life boat, and then choosing the lifeboat over dry land, just because it saved me initially.

Wholeness. Wellness. Love. Fun. New beginnings. Lonliness, isolation, and exclusivity are the problem. A Circle is the answer. A circle is composed of human beings recovering from a variety of diverse circumstances. They are all reaching toward the same goal, but they all bring different views to the Circle. They bring to the Circle the lessons they've learned from friends, recovery programs they belong to, therapy they've attended, doctors, books, medicine, the list is as endless as the tapestry of experience won by each human being.

Holistics is one of the few successful recovery practices not dictated by detached, well-meaning professionals. We were formed by humans looking for a better quality recovery, a recovery without pseudo-religious blind obediance, a recovery that would allow us, like the mystics of old who went to the mountain top, or fasted in the desert, to return to the villiage. Without a bishophoric power dynamic, we are able to support each other outside of therapy, group, meeting, or service. We maintain constant communication with one another, for validation, challenge and reflection.

We are friends.

Is this too far out to believe? Our devotion to one another isn't a duty, an obligation, a neccessary step or some way to buy our way out of purgatory. It is a way of life, and it's quite amusing.

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