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Links, Affiliates & Connects

Helpful Numbers & Hotlines

the heartline - 1-207-215-0565

first call - dial 211 for Maine Resources

alcoholics anonymous: 1-800-737-6237

narcotics anonymous: 1-800-974-0062

sex & love addicts anonymous: 1-800-204-2803

family violence project: 1-877-890-7788

disability rights center: 1-800-452-1948

nami: 1-207-622-5767

crisis & counseling: 1-207-626-3448

catholic charities: 1-207-621-8520

txt YELE to 501501 to donate $5 to Haiti Relief

txt HAITI to 501501 to donate $10 to Haiti Relief

moco: 1-207-623-3465

governor's office: 1-207-287-3531

us senator's office: 1-202-224-3121

homeless veteran help line: 1-800-VET-HELP


Helpful Links & Sites

maine correctional facilties visitor application - Download this form, fill it out, and present it to your friendly local prison for visiting rights to your imprisoned friends, family and collegues.

human kindness foundation - Organized by Bo Lozoff, this foundation teaches about love and spreading togetherness, and how to keep it together under strife.

political prisoners - Letters transcribed from real prisoners in Windham right now! Find a penpal, or post comments. Comments will be mailed back to the inmates! Also see: bob wire's blog

voices from the cracks - This blog is a project that with the purpose of allowing prisoners to express themselves in the public sphere. All blogs are typed and published with the permission of the prisoners.

maine prisoner advcocay coalition - The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-PAC) is comprised of Maine prisoners, their friends and families, victims of crime, and others committed to ethical, positive, and humane changes in Maine's prison system.

maine voter guide - This guide provides a wealth of information about registering to vote and voting in Maine's elections, including who can register, how to register and how to vote.

alternatives to violence - Come in and see what AVP is doing to help make a change... a change in the way we respond to violence, and in the way we initiate violence ourselves.

mesothelioma doctors - One of the most important concerns is finding doctor who you can trust. The Doctor Match program helps you find and get appointments with mesothelioma experts at leading facilities across the country. also works closely with Carl Jewett and the Veteran’s Assistance Network.

mesothelioma symptoms - While going through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, people can sometimes begin to feel isolated and depressed. For those with cancer, support groups provide a place for people to talk about their fears, worries, and sorrows.

resources for organizing social change - Organizing people with disabilities, prisoners, low income people, youth, peace workers and others in Maine through nonviolent action to gain power/control over their own lives.

guitar doors: instruments of change - Through small-group, student-centered instruction, Guitar Doors stimulates those incarcerated to think and express themselves in new ways, and teaches the rewards of working together as a community towards a common goal.

recovery through wellness - This area of The Holistic Recovery Project currently coordinates complimentary wellness activities in the areas of mind, body and spirit for the practice of Holistic Recovery Project.

the deadwood council - Fight for your Maine disability rights! (Currently this program is not active.)

crisis & counseling - Crisis & Counseling Centers is a private, non-profit social service that offers therapeutic and jobseek services. 207-626-3448

bread of life soup kitchen - The Soup Kitchen is more of a "full meal" kitchen in that it provides a complete, hot meal Monday through Saturday throughout the year.


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Holistic Recovery Project supports organizations that focus on loving, wholesome care for human beings. Please contact us with your web site information to be added, and be well.